Moving Services Toronto

We’re pleased to announce that CityBoxes can not only provide you convenient and affordable plastic moving boxes, but we can now also help you with your actual move. Here are two options to consider:

If your move doesn’t really warrant the fullĀ servicesĀ of a professional moving company, but you also can’t do it all yourself (and really, who wants to?), we offer reliable moving/driving help on an hourly basis. You simply provide or rent the truck. We offer a rate of $150 per man for 3 hours.

If you are looking for a full moving service, we can provide certified and insured movers: $450 for 2 movers + 16ft truck for 3 hours; OR $750 for 3 movers + 24ft truck for 5 hours.

Take a load off – give us call to book your move! We promise the same friendly and efficient service you have come to expect from us.