Bored? Let’s Move!

CityBoxes has been in business for just over a year now.  When we started the business, we thought one of the biggest questions was, “How do we build loyalty and repeat business?  People don’t move that often!”.

We have been proven wrong.  In Toronto, there is definitely a sub-set of people who move, as it turns out, quite frequently (and fortunately for us, our customers loved our moving boxes enough to call us again!).  In just 19 months, we’ve been surprised by how many repeat customers we’ve had.  So it got us thinking, “Why do people move?”  Certainly there are the obvious answers: job relocation, family changes and such.  But we’d like to propose another reason: what about boredom?  With the plethora of condominium towers going up in the City of Toronto, there’s always something better (but not bigger!) being built.  And who doesn’t want something better, especially if it’s right across the street?!

For the truly curious, here are some factoids about how often Canadians move, and why they move.

Whatever reason you may have for moving, we hope you’ll consider renting our easy and convenient plastic moving boxes.