Getting Rid of Excess: The Stress of De-Cluttering

Downsizing always requires some degree of de-cluttering.  And in the City of Toronto, where physical space in a house or condo is at a premium, you’ve got to be prepared to toss, sell or donate not just if you’re moving to a smaller home, but on an annual basis.

De-cluttering is 20% physical and  80% mental.  That’s what makes it so hard.  Those 1-800-GOT-JUNK guys have it easy – they just have to throw the stuff out without wondering about its sentimental or future value.  But when you have to part with something, it becomes an agonizing mental chore.  “I know I haven’t used this in over three years, but what if…?”  What we have also found to be true, however, is that thinking about de-cluttering is much more stressful than just doing it.  Once you start, you begin to feel a tremendous sense of liberation.

If you’re in the process of downsizing, or are just in need of a serious de-cluttering project, check out this lifehacker blog post with some great tips.  If you’re moving, one of the greatest benefits of de-cluttering is that you won’t have to move as much, saving you time and money. Read and get inspired!