Have Bike, Will Move

We’ve always known cyclists are passionate. Here is a group of cyclists that has turned its passion into opportunity: Cargo Bike Collective is a group of cyclists based in New York City that uses extra long bikes to carry anything from a fully loaded freezer to a glass desktop. In a city as congested as New York City, it’s a clever way to save on moving costs. As it is, it’s difficult for moving trucks to find anywhere to park safely on busy city streets, and with the size of Manhattan apartments being as small as many are, people often can’t fill even a small cargo van, making it tough to justify the cost. No question it’s a greener way to move. We’d love to see how they move furniture pieces, though!

Would this work in the City of Toronto, which has very similar congestion and parking challenges for moving companies? After all, can riding a bike through downtown Toronto streets possibly be more treacherous than in Manhattan?! Read the full story here.