Moving Has Gone High Tech

If there is one industry that hasn’t undergone much change, it’s the moving industry. A truck, some boxes and some willing labour – oh yes, add some stress to that as well – and you’re all set. But technology has now moved in, pardon the pun. We came across two mobile apps that reportedly simplify the stress of moving. Although, really, the best way to do that is to rent our reusable moving boxes!

First off, we found the Moving Van app on the iTunes store. This app can help you classify and itemize your moving boxes. You can even take photographs of your items, which is great for insurance purposes. You know how it feels when you’ve just moved in to your new place with about 50 unpacked boxes sitting there, and you suddenly remember you absolutely have to have that thingamajig in the morning to bring to work? Moving Van can help you quickly locate it without having to open all your moving boxes.

For Android users, there is the Moving Planner app, which appears to have the same functionality as Moving Van, but with a somewhat nicer looking interface. This app has a pre-populated database of over 200 items so you don’t have to type everything from scratch.

As a life hack, moving apps are neat ideas, but you probably don’t need to use one unless you are doing an inter-province or country move, or if you have a really large home with lots of stuff. But if you have a one-bedroom condo and just like to be really organized, it can never hurt to have another list!