Moving in 2014? Book Your Mover Today!

Happy New Year to our friends and customers!  If we thought 2013 was a good year, we can’t wait for this one – according to a story in The Toronto Star, 2014 is going to bring a condo boom.  A record number of condo units in Toronto were purchased in 2011 and most of them are coming up for completion in 2014.  That means a lot of excited new condo owners will be preparing for their big move!  If you are one of them, or know someone who is, the biggest advice we can give is book a good mover as soon as you know your move-in date, and rent your moving boxes at the same time.  You will be competing with a record number of people moving this year.

The moving company interviewed in the Star article is our good friends at Cargo Cabbie.  If you want the job done right (and with a smile), give them a call.  We can promise that when you combine Cargo Cabbie’s moving services and CityBoxes moving boxes, your move will be remarkably smooth.

Good luck to all our moving Torontonians in 2014!