Moving Tips for Winter

Canadians deserve awards for moving in the winter, which – let’s face it – is pretty much five months of the year in these parts. Here are some useful tips if you are planning a Great White North move in the next several months.

Book a mover

These are not conditions under which you or your friends are going to want to move. Professional moving companies know how to deal with our weather conditions, so best to leave it to them. If you need a referral to a reputable moving company, give us a call.

Protect your floors

In both your old and new home, be sure to cover your floors by taping down some plastic sheets or cardboard. All that trudging in and out through snow can leave a great big mess that you won’t have time to clean up.

Shovel and salt your driveway/walkway

Help your movers out by keeping conditions around your old and new home safe for them. The last thing you need is an injury or a broken piece of furniture.

Keep winter supplies accessible

If a storm blows through on moving day, you need to be ready with shovels, brush/scraper, and salt, so don’t pack these up just yet. You might need to shovel out the driveway of your new home.

Plan the timing of utilities

Be sure to plan to have the utilities at your new home all in working order on moving day. Nobody needs to move into an unheated home!

Rent plastic moving boxes from CityBoxes!

If it’s snowing or slushy, cardboard will get wet and may break as a result. Save yourself the hassle and rent our plastic, reusable boxes which stack neatly in a moving truck. Remember: we deliver and pick up for free within Toronto and the GTA. Check out our reviews on HomeStars and know that you can book with confidence.