Not Perfect, But Easier

The thought of moving can seem overwhelming, but everything can be made easier when you break the project into chunks of achievable milestones.

Spoken like a true Martha Stewart, right?  Most of us don’t have the luxury of time to plan a move perfectly, but if you want to give it a try just for fun, nobody does it more perfectly than Martha, so we’d like to share her perfect checklist with you.

Funny, there’s nothing on here about renting plastic moving boxes!  She’s not so perfect after all.  Anyone who’s planned a real move on her/his own (let’s face it: when do you think Martha last packed for herself?) can see the benefit of renting reusable plastic moving boxes: sturdy, stackable, easy to move (especially with our custom dollies) and no cardboard to assemble, tape or get rid of!  That’s the ultimate in convenience.

If you’re looking to make your move easier, give us a call today at (416) 222-CITY (2489) and ask for a no-obligation quote.