Our Most Interesting Stop So Far

One of the things we love most about our work is getting a look at some of the really cool condo buildings we have in the great City of Toronto.  Recently, we delivered to a building around King St. and Sudbury St. that had a garage where we could unload (another thing we love: being under cover during the frigid Toronto winters!).  Our client had come down to help us take the boxes up to his unit.  When the client left the garage, we were getting our truck organized for the next delivery, and the strangest thing happened.  The lights went low, disco ball lights came on… click on the link to see the show:

CityBoxes at the Disco

This really happened.  We did think that either the mob was going to bust us at that moment, or we were being punk’d. But once Frank stopped singing, the lights came back up, and life resumed, as if this was a daily occurrence in the garage.