Packing Kitchen Breakables

CityBoxes sells bubble wrap and blank newsprint packing paper – especially handy for packing kitchen and household breakables. We’ve found these to be handy tips:

  • Wrap each glass and mug in bubble wrap and tape shut.
  • Put layers of bubble wrap in between plates and bowls.
  • Fill bottom, sides and top of boxes with wadded paper.
  • Layer in glasses and mugs with paper, or place stacks of layered plates and bowls on top. If your glasses have stems, place them upright, as if you were setting them on the table.
  • For larger breakable items – Pyrex dishes, china serving bowls, glass coffee pots – wrap in bubble wrap and tape shut.  Make sure you put a layer of wadded paper between smaller items.
  • Seal and mark the boxes “FRAGILE – Kitchen.”

A lot of care goes a long way.  With proper packing and a good mover, your breakables should arrive unbroken and ready for use in your new home!