We Tried It; We Like It!

There is nothing that will help you believe in your own product more than when you use it yourself.

So, just for fun, we moved!

It wasn’t fun at all, actually.  But it sure was convenient!  We had a four-bedroom home and we estimated we packed just over a hundred CityBoxes (we kind of lost count on moving day, as we were just throwing anything that was left over into any box that was lying around – you know what it’s like).

We decided to test another theory: movers love our boxes because they are stackable and efficient to load into their trucks.  So we moved the boxes ourselves.  We rented a 16-foot truck.  The boxes we had packed – about 90+ up until then – ended up filling about half the truck.  Sure enough, we became believers in our own moving boxes: aside from the weight of some of them, they were very easy to load onto and off the truck.  No worrying about whether they would fall apart, or be able to hold added weight once stacked.


Moving with CityBoxes = easy!

As many of our customers tell us, there were several benefits to using our moving boxes:

  • No more assembling and taping cardboard boxes
  • No more daily liquor store/grocery store jaunts to chase down empty used cardboard boxes
  • No more collapsing and tying up cardboard for recycling

Our plastic moving boxes are sturdy and easy to pack.  We also used our own moving supplies: about 6 wardrobe boxes for all our closet clothes, bubble wrap for delicate breakable items, and packing paper for pretty much everything!  We loved not having to wash newsprint ink off our hands after a round of packing!

So there you have it: our personal testimonial for our own moving boxes.  Check us out if you are moving in Toronto and the GTA – we can’t make moving painless, but we can make it much easier.